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Pumpkins, Squash, Gourds and more!

The Apple Orchard has over 20 kinds of pumpkins, squash, decorative pumpkins and gourds!

We welcome you to enjoy our large 5 acre patch to pick all your own varieties.

From trying multiple different types of squash to picking the best pumpkin ever,  we have it !

Who knows maybe you will find the perfect centrepiece.

Every year we try different planting techniques to 

allow a longer and sooner harvest window 

Some varieties we hope to have ready for you to pick in mid August!

 *Patch is included in general admission*

*All Crop Date's of harvest are Subject to change without notice.

(Some years crops can come into season up to 10 days late or sooner depending on weather, year etc.)*

The Apple Orchard has seasons passes ! Please click below for more info 

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