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Late summer / fall bearing (August - September)

Raspberry Picking Coming 2024

Raspberry picking is a fun and delicious activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. These berries ripen over several weeks, they'll be ready to pick from August to early October. The fall-bearing raspberries offer a sweet and slightly tart flavour that is perfect for eating fresh or using in a variety of recipes, from jams and jellies to baked goods and desserts. Enjoy the warm sun on your skin, the buzzing of the bees, and the occasional bird chirping overhead while you partake in raspberry picking.

Image by Artiom Vallat
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Want To Get The Most Out Of The Season?

At our Apple Orchard, we offer season passes that provide access to a variety of fun activities! Our season passes include access to our pear, apple, sunflower fields, and pumpkin patch as well as family and group activities. Enjoy a season of activities and fun with our season passes!

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